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About Us


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Rob Kerr
President & Executive Producer

Rob Kerr is an Australian with Irish heritage. Swapping stories is in his blood. Rob’s 25-year career in film and television has spanned work in Film, Commercials, Television dramas and non-fiction, covering a diverse range of genres including natural history, automotive, reality, sports, documentary, engineering and science. He has extensive
experience as an Executive producer, writer, director, editor and camera operator, and has filmed on location on five of the world’s seven continents.

After ten years traveling the globe as a director/producer, Rob settled down in the USA as a freelance writer/producer working for Discovery, History and Nat Geo producing many highly rated shows such as “Mythbusters,” “Weapon Masters,” “World Biker Build Off,” “World’s Toughest Fixes,” “Paranatural,” and a bunch of “Shark week” shows before setting up Wide Net productions with his partner in crime Sedg Tourison.


These days, when he’s not sitting in front of a computer, he can be found scanning the horizon for fair wind on his small sailboat on the Long Island Sound.

Sedg 1.jpg
Sedg Tourison
Co-President & Executive Producer

For more than twenty years, Sedg Tourison has been writing, directing and producing shows that keep viewers glued to the screen until the credits roll. Sedg began his career working on one of the very first true crime shows, “America’s Most Wanted.” Since then, he’s produced and run series for an extensive list of clients, including Discovery, Investigation Discovery, A&E, Bio, Smithsonian Channel, TV One, National Geographic, and more.

From investigating crop circles in the UK, to hunting child predators in Cambodia or profiling serial killers in the United States, Sedg is devoted to creating and developing top-quality content.

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Jenny Zimmerman
Executive In Charge of Production

Jenny Zimmerman has over 15 years experience developing and managing multi-million dollar budgets, schedules and production crews around the globe to deliver cutting-edge content in the non-fiction television, branded entertainment, corporate and commercial spaces. Throughout her career, Jenny has expertly navigated teams of all sizes through some of the most complex scenarios. As a creative problem-solver, she is always up for the challenge whether it involves orchestrating an expedition for the first team to ever capture a giant squid on camera or keeping a tentpole production safely up and running during an unprecedented pandemic. Jenny always delivers on time and on budget. Prior to joining Wide Net, Jenny worked as an Executive in Charge of Production for Discovery Studios, producing high profile shows for some of the most well-known brands in the industry.

Nichole Bardin
EVP of Development & Talent

From hanging with trappers deep in the Florida swamp to digging for treasure in
the heart of the Judean desert, Nichole Bardin has done it all.

With over a decade of experience in television casting and development, Nichole has created various unscripted series for major cable networks including Discovery, Investigation Discovery, Cooking Channel, Food Network, A&E, Science Channel and TLC - to name a few. She’s a world-class expert at finding stories and characters where they live, gaining access to and building bonds with talent; all to capture their authentic truths in vivid detail. She brings a trained eye and passion for storytelling to producing, casting, development and television sales.

Donna Stallman
 Head of Post Production

Donna Stallman is a seasoned Post Production Supervisor, Video Editor, and Colorist with more than 15 years experience working in the television and digital space. She works closely with producing partners to deliver engaging, high-quality content for audiences and clients. Her passion for Post began as an Editor at AOL/ Verizon Media, where she contributed to series that spanned various genres including lifestyle, tech, documentary, music, and live events. Other clients she has worked with include
MotorTrend, Lifetime, truTV, and the DIY Network.

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