• rob5048

Grab your flashlights!

The excitement levels are really ramping up at WNP HQ. After months of production, "Dead of Night," WNP's brand new series premieres on Monday night on ID. The first episode of the season sets the tone for the whole series. It's dark, spooky, full of twists and turns and will have you looking over your shoulder when you head out into the night. Written, produced and directed by Conor McCarthy, this episode has it all, an unbelievable story, great tension, and a wicked twist. Brett Wiley and his camera and lighting crew did a fantastic job, the show looks a million dollars and the post team of Lynn Kessler and Sam Morrison squeezed every ounce of gold out of the material. There are too many people to thank, it really does take a village, but WNP productions is extremely grateful for all the hard work and dedication that has gone on behind the scenes to give this series every chance of success. Thank you all.

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