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Wide Net Productions was founded in 2017 by veteran television producers Sedg Tourison and Rob Kerr. The partners behind this full-service production company are vastly experienced, having created hundreds of hours of programming for many major networks, and are considered exceptional and trusted providers. Specializing in a wide range of projects - documentary, reality, dramatized recreations and more - Wide Net has taken off. The company is currently producing multiple television projects and digital content that is on air or set to air. Wide Net has quickly earned a reputation for evocative and exciting story-telling and visually stunning content. 



Rob Kerr

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'Dead of Night' revisits hunt for a serial rapist-murderer in Baltimore.

This is a moving saga. It took reconstructive surgery to save the ears of the first victim after she was found in Leakin Park, according to court testimony.

“Her ear was chewed off,” Baltimore City Police Sergeant Kelvin Sewell says in the show. “Normal people don’t do that.”